Dean Norris 'Spoils' 'Breaking Bad' Ending in Funny or Die Video

Dean Norris 'Spoils' 'Breaking Bad' Ending in Funny or Die Video

Fed up with people asking him how the show will end, the Hank depicter shares his own version of the series finale in which his character reveals the secret that allows him to catch Walt.
As fans are curious about the end of "Breaking Bad", Dean Norris "spoils" the final act of the last episode, at least the one based on his own vision. In a Funny or Die video, he shows a script of the series finale titled "Hank Wins" that he wrote and then details the scenes.

In his version of how the show will wrap up, his character Hank Schrader manages to arrest Walter White, who praises the DEA agent for this. Hank reveals the secret to his super power, which is the minerals that he has been buying and can reverse baldness as a side effect.

Walt says Skyler loves Hank more than she loves him before he shoots himself. Hank then hooks up with a sexy blonde woman and is off to the Mars to fight alien drug lord with his new title as a superhero DEA agent, leaving it open for a possible Hank spin-off, "Mineral Man".

"That's really good writing," Norris says of his own writing. Still in his vision, series creator Vince Gilligan praises the script that Norris wrote, saying it's so good that he decides to leave show business.

In reality, top showrunners praise Gilligan's work on "Breaking Bad". "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner says, "What Vince can do with a small space and a limited environment to create tension is very impressive."

"The Walking Dead" former showrunner Glen Mazzara calls Gillian "a true artist." He elaborates, "He set out to tell a story and trusted his process. He remained remarkably true to his original intention yet remained open to wherever his story took him and his team."

"Lost" executive producer Carlton Cuse chimes in, "Vince has elevated the crime drama to a high art, and yet at the same time, it's still accessible and entertaining," and "Dexter" writer Scott Buck commends Gilligan for being "not afraid to take risks with this character."

The last few episodes of "Breaking Bad" air Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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