Patrick Stewart Clears Up 'My First Ever Pizza Slice' Comment

Patrick Stewart Clears Up 'My First Ever Pizza Slice' Comment

The Professor X of 'X-Men' movie series clarifies the confusion and explains that it was the first time he got only a slice of pizza and ate it without a knife and fork.
Patrick Stewart caused a buzz on the web when he captioned a Twitter picture of his eating pizza with, "My first ever pizza 'slice,' Please note: the authentic fold." Many assumed that he never had pizza before, but that's not it. He says in an interview with New York magazine that "people misunderstood," explaining it was his first pizza slice without utensils.

"There was a school of thought that I had eaten my first pizza, but of course how could that possibly be true? I would have had to have stayed locked up in a cellar," he says. "But, in fact, it was my first slice, and when it was brought over to me, my first comment was 'There's no knife and fork.' Of course, I was mocked for thinking that I could eat a pizza slice with a knife and fork."

The "X-Men" actor went on explaining what he meant by the "authentic fold" side note on his comment, "And so then I was instructed - because I was getting myself into a real mess - to do the fold, the classic New York fold technique, which we illustrated in the photograph. And, in fact, it proved effective. It kept me clean and unblemished."

Additionally, he says that it was the first time he got only a slice because usually when he wanted the Italian fast food, he would "order a pizza and eat a whole pizza." "It was the concept of the slice that I had never encountered before," he reasons. And yesterday, "I was only eating because my fiancee and I were a little hung-over yesterday morning and she said what we need is pizza and a soothing drink - and she was right. It solved the problem," he adds.

The 72-year-old actor is "astonished" by people's reactions to his "first ever pizza slice" comment. "You know, we thought it was a cute picture. I like doing these things that are kind of unexpected, as far as I'm concerned, and things that have a little bit of a surprise element to them. But we never anticipated what has happened," he utters.

He says the owner of the pizza establishment he went to was even interviewed by Fox News. "And he said, 'Oh my God, if I had known it was his first slice I would have given him a second slice,' " the Professor X depicter dishes on.

Now that he's experienced his first slice of pizza without a knife and fork, Sir Patrick is up for more daring meal in his next culinary adventure. "One-hundred-year-old eggs?" the interviewer asks, referring to an Eastern delicacy made of duck or chicken eggs preserved for several weeks before being ready to eat. "I've never eaten one, but maybe now after this pizza slice I might move on to 100-year-old eggs," he says.

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