Bill Hader Gets Special 'Saturday Night Live' Send-Off in Hilarious Wedding Scene

Bill Hader Gets Special 'Saturday Night Live' Send-Off in Hilarious Wedding Scene

Hader is about to get married when his gay crush, Seth Meyers, crashes the wedding, punches the groom and steals him away.
Bill Hader bids farewell to "Saturday Night Live" as a regular after eight seasons. In "SNL" season finale hosted by Ben Affleck this past weekend, the comedian said his goodbye in a special wedding scene with the help of some unlikely guests.

Hader reprised his Stefon character for a fictional "Weekend Update" segment. After giving his final report, he rushed off the set. He told the straight Seth Meyers that he had got over his unrequited gay crush on the anchor and had now found a new love.

"I didn't want to do this here, but I've met someone else, and he's a lot like you, except he likes me for me, and we are getting married," Stefon said. Meyers, who looked hurt by the rejection, ran after Stefon after some encouragement from his "platonic work friend" Amy Poehler.

He rushed off NBC's Rockefeller Center headquarters and headed down 5th Avenue to Marble Collegiate Church. There, he found Stefon at the altar with none other CNN's anchor, Anderson Cooper. "Human traffic cones" served as bridesmaids, and smurfs, a gremlin and Alf were among the guests.

Commotion ensued as Meyers crashed the party and knocked Cooper out. He punched the groom when his rival boasted and went in a slow-motion spin, "Get ready for Anderson Cooper -- 360!" Affleck cheered, "Follow your heart, bro. Follow it!" as Meyers grabbed Stefon and ran away with him.

Not only did the Affleck-hosted episode that featured Kanye West as a musical guest become Hader's last show but it also may be Fred Armisen's and Jason Sudeikis' final appearance as regulars as rumors were floating around about the two's departures.

Official announcement was yet to be made, but the final sketch on the show's season finale seemed like a fitting farewell for Armisen. Reprising his role as Ian Rubbish, the Thatcher-loving British rocker he introduced in the "History of Punk", he sang his reported swan song that the refrain featured lyrics, "It's been all right / I've had a lovely night with you."

As for Meyers, he is still expected to return to "SNL" though he has been tapped to take over NBC's "Late Night" show next year.

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