Report: Robert Pattinson Tries to Block Nipple Licking Photos From Coming Out

Robert Pattinson

Rumor has it, the 'Cosmopolis' actor demands French Premiere magazine to pull sexy shots of him and a model from the issue after growing increasingly uncomfortable with the photo shoot.
Robert Pattinson has allegedly put a ban on the publication of his racy photos that involve naked nipple licking. Radar Online recently brought to attention a report suggesting that the "Twilight Saga" actor freaked out during a photo shoot for French Premiere magazine when a female model was asked to improvise and lick his nipple.

Sharing details of the risque photo shoot, a source recounted, "Rob was asked to pose bare chested with a sexy blonde model, who happened to be topless as well." The source added, "He did his best Blue Steel for the camera as the girl snaked all over his body, nibbling his earlobes, kissing his face and neck and pressing her bare boobs against him, but you could see he was uncomfortable with it."

The source continued while Pattinson "was definitely having a really good time being half naked with a hot blonde", he was "nervous and started worrying that it was just going too far." It wasn't until "the photographer instructed the model to lick Rob's nipples" toward the end of the shot that he "called cut and went in his dressing room and made a phone call."

When the "Water for Elephants" actor returned to the set to finish the photo session, "everyone thought it was all good," the source noted. However, the source spilled that the magazine got a call a few days later that demanded the naked nipple licking photos be pulled from the issue.

Pattinson's racy photo spread for French Premiere magazine was an homage to David Cronenberg. The photos recreate scenes from the director's films, and one of them features the 26-year-old actor posing naked in bed with a pregnant woman and himself. Their modesty is covered with a satin sheet.

While Radar Online suggested that the reported nipple licking shots were part of improvisation, Gossip Cop begged to differ. The site claimed that one insider insisted that "nothing that was shot that day was an impromptu suggestion," except from the cover image and a few "straightforward poses" of the actor in a suit.

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