'American Idol' Top 11 Were Kept in the Dark About Reason Behind Jermaine Jones' Exit

Hollie Cavanaugh claims they only found out why Jermaine was disqualified from the show when America did, with Joshua Ledet describing the situation as 'devastating' for them.

AceShowbiz - While "American Idol" producers had decided to axe Jermaine Jones on Tuesday, March 13, the other finalists apparently had no idea what led to his disqualification until the situation was addressed on Thursday. "We didn't really find out until America found out," Hollie Cavanaugh said after the performance show was aired.

The Liverpool-born singer went on sharing her feelings about the shocking elimination, "We were all really taken aback by it. It's really sad and really unfortunate." Affirming her fellow contestant's statement, Skylar Laine claimed, "We were so surprised. We didn't know anything about it until tonight. They kept us in the dark."

Colton Dixon revealed he heard on Tuesday night that Jermaine was no longer on the show, but he didn't know why. "We found out when you guys did and all the details," the 20-year-old Tennessee boy stated. "I hate that for him. Everyone has a past and his just happened to be exposed. He handled it so well and I am so proud of him for that."

Also reacting to Jermaine's exit, Erika Van Pelt claimed the situation is "shocking", "confusing" and "emotional" for them. She added, "But we're hoping that everything gets worked out at home for him. We're praying everyday for him." Jermaine's roommate Joshua Ledet echoed her statement as gushing, "It was devastating for us."

Refusing to judge the "gentle giant" based on his criminal past, Elise Testone stated, "That hiccup doesn't define him. This is just part of his life. He's going to be fine. We're all very, very sad not to have him with us." As for Shannon Magrane, she would miss him because "he's always been such a happy person. He's such a goofball. He always kept all of us laughing."

Jermaine's depature was addressed on the March 14 performance show. Footage of him being confronted by the "Idol" producers was played and he was seen explaining why he didn't disclose his legal issues to them. "I just was scared and nervous and didn't want to get judged and penalized for anything in the past," the vocal instructor reasoned.

Asked about a charge which allegedly involved a fight, he cleared it up, "It wasn't a fight, I wasn't fighting... I thought I was left carrying my bags..the police and paramedics came because I couldn't walk." Still, Nigel Lythgoe said they had to boot him from "Idol" because the show is "not allowed to have someone with an outstanding warrant on the program."

Toward the end of it, the clip showed Jermaine in Tuesday rehearsal, during which he practiced his rendition of "Somewhere Out There".

Footage of Jermaine Jones being confronted by "American Idol" producers:

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