'Bachelor' Recap: Ben Questions Courtney's Intention, Sends Home Two More Girls

Nicki, Kacie and Rachel warn Ben about Courtney during a group date, while Emily hopes there's 'still time' for the winemaker to see the model's true colors.
Ben Flajnik continued her dates with the remaining six girls in the latest episode of "The Bachelor", before picking four of them for hometown dates next week. Scoring the first one-on-one date in the Monday, February 13 outing was Lindzi.

They jumped out of a helicopter into an ocean. The couple kissed and wrote a message which was send out to sea in a bottle. "I'm definitely falling in love with Ben," so Lindzi admitted as she described it as the "best feeling ever."

When Emily got the second one-on-one date, Courtney started whining. "Kinda sucks. I wanted to kill myself. Worse nightmare. It's disappointing," she confessed in front of cameras as Emily boarded a plane to meet Ben.

Ben took Emily to catch lobster on a small boat. They also rode bikes through town and shot hoops. "Today was super fun," Emily gushed. During a dinner, she invited Ben to meet her family.

Courtney finally got the last one-on-one date card. As the model prepared to meet the bachelor, Kacie B. expressed her dislike of Courtney. "It took every frickin' fiber of my being to not spring across the room and punch her in the face," she said, comparing Courtney to a black widow which she would love to smack.

Ben and Courtney climbed up to a Mayan temple. When taking a rest halfway to the top of the temple, the winemaker admitted, "I want someone that's a little bit weird. I think I'm a little strange. I feel you are nicely ... unique."

They later had a dinner by the pool, during which Courtney complained about the other girls. "They're just so vanilla and very into themselves. I'm not impressed by these women, or girls," she said, prompting Ben to confess, "One of my fears is being with a woman who I like, but ultimately, other people don't."

Rachel, Nicki and Kacie were on a group date. They woke up at 4 A.M. to set sail on a catamaran and go swimming in Shark Alley. At one point, Ben pulled Kacie away for some one-on-one time and gave her a rose.

The three girls then warned Ben about Courtney with Nicki saying, "We want you to be cautious about Courtney." Kacie added, "Just tread lightly."

Just when Courtney expressed her confidence that she would stay on the show, host Chris Harrison announced there wouldn't be a cocktail party. However, Ben took Courtney away before the rose ceremony to ask her, "I know it's been difficult for you, I just want to know that you are in this?"

Courtney responded, "The only reason I'm here is for you." She went on explaining, "I wasn't here to win these girls over and make friends. ... It's been hard for me but I think we can make each other really happy in life. I don't want you to question me at all. I've been nothing but honest and open."

Apparently assured by Courtney's answer, Ben gave Courtney the last rose, joining Kacie, Nicki and Lindzi. Rachel and Emily were the ones sent home. The former admitted she felt "very rejected," but the latter just hoped that there's "still time" for Ben to see who Courtney really is.

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