New 'Prometheus' Photo Unveils Space Jockey Gears in Dark Tunnel

The new image gives a look at Noomi Rapace wearing her space uniform in a tunnel where there are two giant alien suits, which look like Space Jockey in 'Alien', standing behind her.

AceShowbiz - A new image from "Prometheus" has been revealed via Los Angeles Times. Aside from offering a look at Noomi Rapace's lead character standing in a tunnel in her space suit, the fresh still unveils two alien suits that look similar to the giant creature called Space Jockey in 1979's "Alien".

Though director Ridley Scott has yet to confirm the appearance of Space Jockey in "Prometheus", the photo shows that the extraterrestrial creature will likely appear in the much awaited thriller. The speculation was strengthened as several leaked photos from the production of the film revealed an early work on a mask design of Space Jockey in the upcoming movie.

Scott once insisted that he will not relate the anticipated movie to "Alien" at all. While the 1979 thriller focused on a group of scientists who encounter aliens while exploring the space, the forthcoming film centers on some scientists who seek for the origins of human civilization to save the next generations of mankind.

Producer Damon Lindelof promised that "Prometheus" is going to be an epic movie. He told L.A. Times, "The movie is definitely epic in its scope. One of the filmmakers that we ended up talking about to a fair degree of redundancy was David Lean, who directed 'Lawrence of Arabia'."

"We wanted to make the movie feel big by having the characters be small in big spaces," he added. "That connected to the larger themes we were talking about, that we're all just these little gnats crawling around on our planet."

"Prometheus", which was originally planned as a prequel for "Alien" but later evolved to a standalone mythology, will arrive in the U.S. theaters on June 8. Joining Rapace in the cast ensemble are Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Logan Marshall-Green, Idris Elba, Ben Foster, Patrick Wilson and Guy Pearce.

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