'Bachelor' Recap: Blakely Is Ganged Up, Ben Sends Home Drama Queen Jenna

'Bachelor' Recap: Blakely Is Ganged Up, Ben Sends Home Drama Queen Jenna

Meanwhile, during his one-on-one date with Kacie B., Ben gets emotional when watching footage from home video featuring his late father.
Ben Flajnik took the remaining 18 girls of "The Bachelor" season 16 to his hometown of Sonoma, CA. in the second episode. Kacie B. was the lucky one who scored a one-on-one date with the winemaker.

They went shopping before having a dinner, during which Ben talked a lot about his childhood and Kacie B. opened up about herself. Ben gave Kacie B. the rose, but it was not the end of the date.

Ben took Kacie B. to the Sebastian Theatre where they were the only ones there. Highlights of their respective home videos were screened, and Ben shed tears when he watched footage of his late father.

Other twelve girls were then picked for a group date. These ladies met child playwrights who would judge them as they acted out in different roles. When Blakely put on the dress which bares some cleavage, Samantha bashed her by calling her a cross between a gingerbread man and a hooker.

During a posh poolside after-party at a hotel, every girl started bad mouthing Blakely. They got jealous when Ben spent some quality time with Blakely, who then got the rose.

For Spin the Bottle date card, Ben took Courtney to go on a picnic in the woods along with his dog. Later in the evening, they had a nighttime tractor ride and a candlelit dinner. Ben gave Courtney the rose.

At the cocktail party, Ben took one girl at a time for one-to-one conversation. Samantha upset the girls after she kept interrupting every time Ben tried to spend some quality time with one of them. Jenna, meanwhile, cried after having some private time with Ben, realizing that she could not put her thought in words.

Thinking that the other ladies hated her, Blakely cried in the bathroom. Sensing the tension among the women, Ben then tried to console Blakely and Jenna.

Still, Jenna did not win Ben's heart with her tears since Ben decided not to give her the rose in the rose ceremony. She got hysterical and started crying. Another girl who got eliminated this week was Shawn.

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