John Mayer and Giada De Laurentiis Both React to Their 'Steamy Hookup' Report

John Mayer and Giada De Laurentiis Both React to Their 'Steamy Hookup' Report

While John's rep calls the rumor 'absolutely ridiculous', the TV chef finds herself 'heartbroken' when she learns about 'how MALICIOUS the tabloids can be.'
John Mayer refused to stand still over report that he had a "steamy hookup with Giada De Laurentiis", a Food Network star and married chef. "The claims are absolutely ridiculous," a rep for the "Your Body Is a Wonderland" hitmaker told PopEater.

And it wasn't only John who slammed the allegation, Giada did the same thing as well. The 40-year-old beauty first took it to her Twitter page on Wednesday, November 10, writing "I'm heartbroken this morning to find out how MALICIOUS the tabloids can be... I've been linked to John Mayer in NY."

Furthermore, Giada's rep wrote on her official blog to put an end to the rumor and slam Star Magazine, the first site which run the story. "It is a shame a media outlet such as Star needs to rely on disgraceful lies and hide behind false anonymous 'sources' in order to entertain their readers," Giada's rep wrote. "To be clear, they are not friends and cannot even go so far as to call John Mayer an acquaintance. There is not a sliver of truth to Starmagazine's story," the rep added. "It is unfortunate Star would publish these malicious untruths without reporting the fact that Giada was with her husband Todd that weekend in New York, along with their family and friends."

John and Giada began romantically linked after Star Magazine reported that the two were involved in a steamy romance at the Boom Boom Room at The Standard hotel in New York. "John had one hand on the small of her back," a source was quoted as saying. "They looked like two people who were going to go home together."

The site went further with claim that John and Giada, on the earlier night, were spotted at the nearby Hotel Gansevoort where they disappeared into a suite together. A source close to the "Bigger Than My Body" singer said, "This doesn't surprise me one bit! He's always talked about how he was into her."

However, when asked about the hotel sighting, Giada told the site, "I was at The Standard that night. I've met him and he's a great guy, but I just like his music. That's all." And her rep's recent statement also explained, "Contrary to the claims of an anonymous 'source,' at no time did Giada step foot in the Gansevoort Hotel. Giada indeed met John Mayer briefly at a charity event in 2007 but has not seen him since."

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