Taylor Swift Is Wedding Crasher in New Single 'Speak Now'

A follow-up to 'Mine', the title track of the October 25 release follows the story of a woman who crashes a wedding of her loved one and stops it before it's too late.

AceShowbiz - As a follow-up to lead single "Mine", %cTaylor Swift% releases title track of her upcoming third studio album "Speak Now" on iTunes. The country music singer once again tells a story like she always does in her previous songs. This new track, however, is not based on one of her own personal experiences.

Still having a feeling for her ex-boyfriend and hoping to win him back, Swift sneaks into his wedding and surprisingly finds that the song played in the church "sounds like a death march" to her. She pleads, "Don't say yes, run away now/ I'll meet you when you're out, of the church at the back door."

Although "not the kind of girl, who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion," Swift decides to stop the wedding. "There's a silence, There's my last chance/ I stand up with shaking hands [and] horrified looks from everyone in the room," she tells music fans in a catchy country/pop composition.

"The song was actually inspired by one of my friends. She was telling me a story about her childhood sweetheart-crush guy. They were together in high school and then went their separate ways," she said in an interview. "She comes in and tells me that he's getting married. He had met this other girl who was a horrible person. She made him stop talking to his friends, cut off his family ties, and made him so isolated. And randomly, I was like, 'Oh, are you going to speak now?' "

"Speak Now" was unveiled as part of 3-week iTunes countdown ahead of the worldwide release of the album on October 25. After the wedding-crasher song, "Back to December" and "Mean" are scheduled to be offered as the album's pre-cursor with an interview preceding each of the song's release.

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