Exclusive Interview: Shontelle Talks 'No Gravity' and Secret Collaboration

Exclusive Interview: Shontelle Talks 'No Gravity' and Secret Collaboration

Shontelle says Bruno Mars has helped her writing one of her new songs and a tour to promote the upcoming release is currently being worked on by her camp.
Shontelle has been hard at work, finishing her second studio album "No Gravity". In anticipation of the album which will be released later this year, she exclusively spilled the beans to AceShowbiz on what kind of sounds she is cooking up for the upcoming release.

She also talked about a possible duet with David Archuleta. Additionally, she discussed two songs which she wrote for the sophomore set, saying that she co-penned one of them with Bruno Mars. As a promotional effort, she stated her camp are currently working on a tour.

ASB: Your new record is going to hit the stores in days. How do you feel? Nervous?

Shontelle: I'm extremely nervous about the release of "No Gravity" because it's very difficult climate we're working in now. Album sales in general are down so I'm hoping to be one of the few to be the exception to the rule. I hope it's much better received and appreciated than "Shontelligence".

ASB: What can you tell us about the difference between "No Gravity" and your debut album?

Shontelle: "No Gravity" is a lot cleaner and more polished. We have bigger budgets this time. I got to work with a lot more established writers, producers and artists on this one. "Shontelligence" was more rootsy and gritty and introductory. We were able to pin point my biggest fan base. I made this album for them because they are the ones who supported my music the most. They made me. My biggest fans love pop, rock and dance music. But I also have a lot of R&B fans. So I tried to blend those styles in a fun way.

ASB: So are you ready to divulge the "secret collaborators" that you keep all this long?

Shontelle: I thought about it and to be honest, I know that's what gets people all excited but I want people to be excited about me not who I'm working with. They are already established and although I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work with them and gain their respect, I'm an emerging artist and I don't want to take away from my talent. I need it to really shine this time around so I'm not overlooked. I feel like that happened with my first project. So for now I'll keep it a secret.

ASB: Is it true that you have worked with David Archuleta for the album?

Shontelle: LOL! Ya'll are smarty-pants! David and I are good friends. We have alot of the same fans and they've been lobbying on Twitter for a SHONLETA duet as they call it. I guess everyone will have to wait and see.

ASB: Do "DJ Made Me Do It" and "Say Hello to Goodbye" make the cut to the album?

Shontelle: You bet they are on "No Gravity"! I'm so excited about those songs. I wrote "Say Hello to Goodbye" with Martin Hansen in Sweden and the response has been tremendous. I'm very proud of that song and it's real. "DJ Made Me Do", it was so much fun to record. I did that one with the Jackie Boyz, Bruno Mars & The Smeethingtons. It's such a fun record!

ASB: We heard "Licky (Under the Covers)" would be the second U.S. single. Does this mean you will shoot a new music video?

Shontelle: I already shot the video for "Licky" and yes it's a potential second single. It's huge in the clubs right now. The video was shot in LA and directed by Ray Kay. It's very "fierce" You can view it here: "Licky (Under the Covers)" music video.

ASB: When is a tour to support the second album will take place?

Shontelle: My agency, William Morris is actually in the process of planning my tour. Stay tuned for dates!

ASB: You had a funny encounter with Rihanna in the bootcamp while teens. Do you still spend time with her as friends?

Shontelle: [Laughing] Yes Robyn and I go way back! We were in the Barbados Cadet Corps together. It's under the command of the Barbados Defense Force. Every Summer there is a huge camp where all the cadets from different schools train together. She was late for parade fall-in with a bunch of other cadets. It just so happened that I was the Drill Sergeant on duty that day. I had to do what I had to do. "Drop and give me 10 Fenty and friends!" LOL! She still loves me. I love you back Riri!

ASB: We know that you are good in sports. What do you do when you have free time?

Shontelle: When I'm in Barbados, which is rare these days, I hang out with my friends and we go surfing and body boarding or play tennis. I also love catching up on movies. When I'm in NY (where I live now) or on the road, I play my Mario Kart Wii and DJ Hero (XBox 360) with my followers on Twitter. It's so much fun! I'm gonna plan a tournament one day with them! I slay!!!!!

ASB: Your family used to oppose the idea of you becoming a singer. Where in the position are they right now?

Shontelle: Total 180 turn! They LOVE that I do this now. My family are my biggest fans! They were just worried but they are dealing with things better these days.

ASB: What do you enjoy most from being an artist and famous?

Shontelle: I enjoy touching peoples' lives. Being in the spotlight puts me in a better position to do that. Major bonus: making a living doing the thing I'm most passionate about!

ASB: What was the last band/musician you watched and thought 'wow they are really good'?

Shontelle: The last artists I saw in an arena was Beyonce Knowles, when I was on tour with her. I lost my mind. She's ridiculously good! As far as newer artists, I've recently seen Hal Linton, Melanie Fiona, Cara Salimando and Vita Chambers. They are all great live!

ASB: If there's one thing you want to achieve but haven't yet, what would it be?

Shontelle: There are quite a few things I haven't achieved yet but to start, I want to move to the next level in music. Have a successful sophomore album, win Grammy's and actually headline my own tour. After I accomplish that, anything else can happen.

ASB: Please tell our readers at AceShowbiz why they should buy your new album!

Shontelle: You guys are really going to like "No Gravity". It's a dynamic mix of different music styles. It's much more fun than "Shontelligence". Sure to get the party started. It's got me all over it because I wrote and co-wrote most of the songs so it's quite personal. You'll also love the features and colabs. Stay tuned to find out who they are!

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