Megan Fox Pictured Topless on Set of 'Passion Play'

An image taken during the film's production shows a woman who is said to be Megan Fox using only panties to shoot her scene.

AceShowbiz - %cMegan Fox% may show off her curve in her next movie "Passion Play". In a picture taken from the set of the film, a girl, which is claimed to be Megan, is seen topless and only covering her breasts with her hand. She is captured filming a scene with a paunchy man while they are standing in a glass box.

In "Passion Play", Fox plays Lily, a slender beauty with wings who is part of a carnival. She will share screen with %cMickey Rourke% starring as a troubled trumpet player named Nate who finds redemption after saving Fox's character from a gangster.

Recently, %cBill Murray% has been tapped to join Fox and Rourke in the cast ensemble. He is hired to replace British actor %cToby Kebbell% and take over the role of a gangster Happy Shannon. The drama additionally has %cKelly Lynch%, %cLora Cunningham% and %cMike Miller% on supporting roles.

The production for the movie has been kicked off in December 2009 and takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Directed and written by Mitch Glazer, "Passion Play" is expected to be released in the U.S. in 2011.

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