Exclusive Interview: OneRepublic on New Album and Song for Timbaland

Exclusive Interview: OneRepublic on New Album and Song for Timbaland

Brent Kutzle of OneRepublic says materials in their sophomore set 'Waking Up' are singable for everyone and one of them may end up in Timbaland's 'Shock Value 2'.
Although their frontman Ryan Tedder is busy writing songs for other artists, OneRepublic managed to get their second studio album "Waking Up" done and filled it with catchy tunes that are singable for everyone. The band, who are currently touring with Rob Thomas, will release it across United States on November 17.

In advance of the album, bassist Brent Kutzle exclusively told AceShowbiz what they have to offer in the forthcoming release. From talking about the album, he also revealed about submitting one of the album's songs for Timbaland's new album "Shock Value 2". The band's collaboration with Leona Lewis, their duet wish list and who, among the five members of the band, tweets the most are also addressed by Brent.

ASB: What can we expect from "Waking Up" compared to your previous record "Dreaming Out Loud"?

Brent Kutzle: This album will have more up-tempo songs compared to the last. I think when you tour as much as we did the past three years you not only want to put out songs that move people, but you'd want your own live set to be just as fun for you. Our goal is to create music we love and always make music that's "singable" for everyone. It wouldn't be fun if we played shows and are music was so complex that people could only listen and not participate in singing.

ASB: We heard that "Secrets" actually was a candidate for the album's first single. So what made you decide it to be the second single and "All the Right Moves" as the first?

Brent Kutzle: We had a few candidates. One also being "Everybody Loves Me". We wanted to come out on this record with the most up-tempo/interesting, yet singable track. "ATRM" was obvious for us, but we will be dropping "Secrets" as the second single at the top of 2010. That's one of our favorites as well. We used strings and some organic hip hop drums. Probably the most fun to play in our set as well. "Secrets" was actually released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as their first single. We decided on "All The Right Moves" as the first for the U.S. and other territories.

ASB: Your next single "Everybody Loves Me" has been released on Oct. 20. When will you shoot a music video for the song? What do you have for the concept and storyline?

Brent Kutzle: This was released as an iTunes exclusive. As of now this song is not coming out as an official single on radio. It may be our 4th or 5th single, but we're not too sure at this point. We were talking about still shooting a video for this song using some of our friends as directors and doing it with basically no budget in Reno at a casino. I think that'd fit perfectly for such a bombastic track.

ASB: You reached a level of success with "Apologize" that has Timbaland in it. Why do you exclude him this second time around?

Brent Kutzle: We're not excluding him. We've actually sent him a song called "Marchin On" that will possibly be on "Shock Value 2". I think the main focus, though, is to get our songs rolling without the help of a massive producer like Tim. When you break with a remix you kind of have to prove yourself somewhere along the line. This album is us. No producers, but ourselves.

ASB: We heard you remixed Beyonce Knowles' "Halo" as a bonus track for the album. How does the remix differ from its original version?

Brent Kutzle: This is not true, but pretty funny.

ASB: About your duet with Leona Lewis for her album ["Echo"]. What brought you up together for the project?

Brent Kutzle: Leona called Ryan [Tedder] and wanted this to happen. We were very honored and ended up cutting the majority of the song in Denver. It was fun to see the dynamic in that song specifically. I believe "Lost Then Found" is slated to be one of her singles.

ASB: You are touring with Rob Thomas right now. Is there any chance you two make a duet for any future project?

Brent Kutzle: Rob is one of the most personable artists we've toured with and would jump on a project with him in a heartbeat. I think we'd probably end up with something off the wall and amazing. He's, obviously, crazy talented and always knows what to do with collaborations. I guess we only have a few days left on this tour so we'd probably do it in the future sometime.

ASB: Please share some backstage secret. What would the band do minutes before serving a live concert?

Brent Kutzle: We usually don't hang out right before shows. I think we all love being rushed to the stage by our tour manager. To just walk on and not put yourself through any type of anticipation backstage is best. Sometimes we'll be in a studio minutes before we go on. We'll get a call, "Where are you????", then jump in a cab and end up on stage.

ASB: After the tour to support the album is done what do you guys will do next?

Brent Kutzle: It seems like this tour may last a couple years. By that time we'll all be ready to take a year off I think. As much fun as touring is, we'll want to spend time with our families and friends and just chill. We're not in a rush to make album three, that's for sure.

ASB: Now that you are more established, do you still have a wish list to collaborate with other artists?

Brent Kutzle: I, personally, have quite a long list not really consisting of anyone too crazy, just artists and bands I've always been inspired by. I think doing some songs with a couple of U.K. bands, Doves and Travis would probably begin to fulfill that list. We've always loved Imogen Heap and would love to reach out to her and do something. Collaboration is one of the best ways to break outside of your musical mold and be moved to do something you may have never done or thought about doing. That's the only way to really grow.

ASB: Who tweets the most on the band's Twitter? And do you think you should quit it like other celebrities do?

Brent Kutzle: I tweet the least of anyone. Maybe that's because my phone gives me issues every day. Eddie [Fisher] and Ryan tweet daily about food, shows, or anything out of the ordinary they experience. I wish I could do it as often as them, but I can't wrap my head around thinking that people are actually interested in the amazing ribs I just had or that it snowed last night and I can't move my car. I'll get into it someday I'm sure.

ASB: Tell us about your Twitter background design contest! What will be taken into consideration to determine its winners?

Brent Kutzle: Since the album we're about to drop is out of the box for us, we'd like the background to be similar. The album art is crazy and I truly love it. It describes exactly what stage of life this band is in right now and if we find a submission that does the same, well then we have a winner.

ASB: If you are given a chance to record a soundtrack for any movie, what do you want to score music for?

Brent Kutzle: I would love to score a Coen brothers film, personally. I think there's always a lot of room for music to have its space in their films. It doesn't have to necessarily be strapped down to what's happening visually, which makes everything a bit more interesting. I've always been a huge Danny Elfman fan and his history with Oingo Boingo. He's untouchable, but doing something similar would be fun.

ASB: Please leave message for your fans at AceShowbiz!

Brent Kutzle: Hey AceShowbiz peeps!! We love and appreciate all your support and hope that "Waking Up" becomes a part of your life as it's a part of ours. Hope we see you soon!!

Look forward to OneRepublic being picked up as AceShowbiz's Artist of the Week on November 16.

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