Official Tracklisting for Rihanna's 'Rated R' Arrives

In addition to the tracklisting, one of the new songs from the November 23 release has also emerged, having Rihanna teaming with Young Jeezy.

AceShowbiz - Def Jam has released an official tracklisting for Rihanna's upcoming studio project "Rated R". Young Jeezy and are lined up as her collaborators. In addition to Jeezy and the Black Eyed Peas' member, she will also join forces with Slash, the former guitarist of Guns N' Roses.

Out of thirteen tracks, at least four of them have been embraced by music fans. The lead single "Russian Roulette" was debuted last month one day before her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown revealed his own song "Crawl". The second single "Wait Your Turn" was leaked earlier this week, and "Hard", the duet track with Jeezy, has just made its way out. Meanwhile, "Te Amo" has hit the web long before the title of the album was confirmed.

"Hard" and "ROCKSTAR 101" are both written by The-Dream. Previously, The-Dream declined to reveal what "Hard" revolves around. "I want that song to explain itself. Most of the stuff I wrote - still to this day what I write - I try to find out through people - what they're going through or what they gotta say. Then we put that in," he told MTV.

Music videos for "Russian Roulette" and "Wait Your Turn" have been filmed with Anthony Mandler taking the directing seat. In respective order, the videos are going to be premiered on November 13 on ABC's "20/20" and November 3 on Rihanna's official website.

"Rated R" is due for November 23 U.S. release which will be marked by Rihanna's performance on "Good Morning America".

"Rated R" tracklisting:

  1. "Mad House"
  2. "Wait Your Turn"
  3. "Hard" featuring Young Jeezy
  4. "Stupid In Love"
  5. "ROCKSTAR 101" featuring Slash
  6. "Russian Roulette"
  7. "Fire Bomb"
  8. "Rude Boy"
  9. "Photographs" featuring
  10. "G4L"
  11. "Te Amo"
  12. "Cold Case Love"
  13. "The Last Song"
"Hard" audio stream:


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