Exclusive Interview: Sliimy, the New Voice of Pop (Part 2/2)

Exclusive Interview: Sliimy, the New Voice of Pop (Part 2/2)

As the talk runs, Sliimy reveals about his music video, tour, MTV Europe Music Awards nomination and more.
With his flamboyant character and colorful outfit, Sliimy could easily be mistaken for an easy breezy character. However, he tells AceShowbiz that fans are going to be surprised at another side of him. For the next music video "Paint Your Face", Sliimy is employing a theme darker than the bubbly "Wake Up" video.

Furthermore, he talks about what he will do if he wins MTV Europe Music Awards, his passion in fashion and what he got to say to his fans. As an added flavor, Sliimy sings a chunk of his new single "Paint Your Face" exclusively for AceShowbiz readers.

ASB: Has Britney Spears said anything about your cover of her "Womanizer"?

Sliimy: I gave her a link to the video, but I don't know exactly. I support Britney Spears in Paris during her concert, but I don't really talk to her, so I don't know, it's mysterious.

ASB: Have you started working on a new album?

Sliimy: I'm working on some new creation and I promise you it's really different. I'm really excited about the future because in fact this year was really important for me, I travel a lot. This new creation is linked with who I am right now. The new album is part of my life, so I'm gonna come to the creative side of my life.

ASB: When are you coming back to the U.S. for a tour?

Sliimy: I've been touring in the United States a few weeks ago for the Perez Hilton tour, but I hope to do it again in the United States because it's always the most beautiful to share your music when you're on-stage. ... You can feel the energy and share your real personality. So, I hope I can come to the United States again.

ASB: We heard that you filmed "Paint Your Face" music video. How is it going so far?

Sliimy: Oh yeah, the video tomorrow. It's all about projection. In fact, this video is done by the same director from "Wake Up" video. I'm really excited. It's a little bit different because it's dark. It's not the same universe as "Wake Up". It's really important for me because I want to make people understand that I'm also a different personality.

ASB: When will it premiere?

Sliimy: It's not at the moment, but it will come out soon on the Internet and on TV.

ASB: There's also this fan video contest.

Sliimy: I'm really excited about that. Because it's a great way to mix the creation and also the music ... I'm really excited to see the video of the people. I think that people are really creative and they can show them on the Internet ... I'm really moved when people sing with my song. They are really talented.

ASB: Do you have a favorite already?

Sliimy: Yeah, I have one. It's a guy with the green hand and I've seen the video. [laugh] It's funny.

ASB:You got your first nomination at MTV Europe Music Awards. What will you do if you win?

Sliimy: Oh my God. I think my parents are going to be proud, first of all. And my family also. Well, it's gonna sound a little bit cliche, but I'm gonna thank everybody and try not to miss anybody, you know. You always care about that. I'm really moved by this nomination because...well, it's amazing for me.

ASB: Would you say there is a chance for you to have your clothing line someday?

Sliimy: Maybe one day. Right now, it's all about the music, I'm concentrating on my music. But, even at the moment, I'm always thinking about fashion and all because there is a link between fashion and my music. It's another explanation of my songs and it's the kind of language that is truly important to think about.

ASB: The glasses that you are wearing, do you wear it only because of fashion or of need?

Sliimy: I started wearing glasses when I was six years old. It's not just for fashion. But, you don't mix fashion and your eye-sight problem [laugh].

ASB:What else interest you beside music?

Sliimy: I really appreciate fashion. I really appreciate all kind of arts. Because I think all kind of arts are in link with everything. You know, the music is in link with fashion. The cinema is in link with music and fashion. I really appreciate new artists. I'm really open to everything and I'd love to see some exhibition. It's interesting for an artist to get interested in a lot of different arts. You don't have to be just in your music. You have to be open to a lot of different arts.

ASB: Please leave a message for your fans at AceShowbiz!

Sliimy: Thank you so much to all my fans. I know to be appreciative. Thank you, keep smiling and I hope you are going to enjoy my album, my new creation and all that stuff. And, see you during my live performance.

More about Sliimy can be reached on his MySpace and to serve one's curiosity of how he sounds like, take the time to listen to his live rendition of "Paint Your Face" here.

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