Comic Con 2009: Footage of 'Jonah Hex' Shown

Comic Con 2009: Footage of 'Jonah Hex' Shown

The first look at the adaptation of DC Comics' Western anti-hero character was introduced by director Jimmy Hayward as a special San Diego Comic Con-only presentation during the Warner Bros.' panel.
For this year's San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. didn't only unravel the poster of "Jonah Hex", but also screened the first look at the movie. Making use of Hall H on Friday, July 24, the studio gave time to director Jimmy Hayward to introduce the special footage he prepared especially for the presentation at the convention.

The specially made footage, according to Coming Soon, shows a glimpse of live crow crawling out of Jonah Hex's mouth. A scene wherein Michael Fassbender's character sits on a train track with a dynamite plunger, whistling while waiting for the train, is exposed as well. Another snippet captures a man grabbing Megan Fox's Leila and claiming she belongs to him, a remark that is answered by the beauty with a knock-out and a say, "Never was much for being owned."

The footage also exposes many fighting sequences involving Leila as well as explosions. There's a shot from Leila's behind, showing her naked with Hex in bed. After the title of the movie comes out, a scene in which a man asks Josh Brolin's Hex what happened to his face is shown. It is followed with Hex saying, "I cut myself shaving," as he shoves an axe in the man's head and returns the question, "What happened to yours?"

During the panel, director Hayward confirmed that the movie does contain some super-natural elements. However, he ruled out Voodoo king or army of the dead. Meanwhile, lead actor Brolin responded to a question about what was the most difficult part of the film by saying "New Orleans. Hard to get the crew on set...It looks like a 70 million film and yet we had less than half of that...This wasn't a big paycheck by any means, it was truly for the love of insanity."

"Jonah Hex" has Andrew Lazar and Akiva Goldsman serving as producers. It is based on the DC Comics' Western anti-hero character created by writer John Albano and artist Tony DeZuniga. Josh Brolin stars as the titular character, while John Malkovich will portray Quentin Turnbull, and Will Arnett takes on the role of a Union soldier who enlists Jonah Hex as a bounty hunter. The movie is set to open in U.S. theaters June 18, 2010.

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