Michael Jackson Had Worked on 2 New Albums

Michael Jackson

It is revealed that Michael Jackson had made two albums; a pop set and an instrumental effort.
After Black Eyed Peas' member will.i.am admitted he and Michael Jackson had crafted a new dance music album before the King of Pop died, recent news arrived, suggesting that Michael actually worked on two albums. According to Billboard, Michael cooked up an instrumental classical composition and pop effort.

In getting the instrumental pieces done, Michael reunited with composer David Michael Frank with whom he collaborated in a tribute show to late Tony Award-nominated actor Sammy Davis Jr. "He had two demos of two pieces he'd written, but they weren't complete," David said of their studio project.

"For one of them, he had a whole section of it done in his head," David told Billboard. "He had not recorded it. He hummed it to me as I sat at the keyboard in his pool house and we figured out the chords - I guess this recording I made is the only copy that exists of this music."

A few weeks ago before he passed away, Michael visited David in his studio. "He mentioned more instrumental music of his he wanted to record, including one jazz piece," David recalled. "I hope one day his family will decide to record this music as a tribute and show the world the depth of his artistry."

As for the pop music, Michael Jackson tagged Claude Kelly and Akon. However, it is still unclear whether or not this album is the same project that he worked on with the help of will.i.am. While will.i.am was unsure if the songs he worked with Michael will ever be released, Akon said he will keep the song fragments - a chorus here, a verse there - "locked up in the vault" until the Jackson family decides how to proceed. Akon furthermore said the project could be dropped as a tribute album.

Among other materials which Michael crafted with Akon and Claude, there is only one song which has been finished. It is titled "Hold My Hand" and was leaked last year. "All the other songs were just ideas," Akon said when referring to other tracks. He added, "It was all positive records - songs to uplift people, songs to make people think about the problems in life. It was all about bringing people together."

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