'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Melissa Rivers Storms Out of Board Room

Melissa Rivers

In the most controversial exit of 'The Celebrity Apprentice', Melissa Rivers yells at her team mates and screams while she gets out of the room.
This week on "The Apprentice" Celebrity edition, the teams create a magazine 4-page spread to promote Right Guard deodorant featuring New York Knicks star center David Lee. Melissa Rivers was devastated when Jesse James is taken out of Athena to work on KOTU.

Brande Roderick steps up as the project manager of Athena while Clint Black leads for KOTU. Melissa in particular feels left out when she proposes the idea and Brande and Annie Duke answer her with silence. On the other side, Jesse is also pissed when Clint starts to take everything over without group discussion.

Melissa thinks that Brande maybe the project manager but Annie is clearly directing her in a manipulative way. Meanwhile, Jesse is even madder when Clint disagrees with his idea of getting back to Lee's root but has none of his own.

Fed up by the situation, Melissa tells Brande that both she and Annie are trying to take her out of the group. Brande says that she never has such intention but later says that she gets annoyed by Melissa's sensitivity. Ivanka Trump meanwhile, checks on KOTU where things aren't so good either. Jesse is sent away to take pics of New York for the background and the actor says that the team is doomed.

Meanwhile, Melissa tries to get everything done during the photo shoot in a nightclub scene. This is when Brande tells Annie that Melissa thinks they are conspiring against her. Jesse and Joan Rivers in the mean time, ignores Clint rejects all ideas but his.

Lee does the photo shoot with Brande who decides that she should be in the ad too. The player later heads to KOTU where he is shot wearing Right Guard jersey. Annie then pops her head out at KOTU to see things over and Joan is not very pleased. "I thought she was Hitler," Joan says of Annie.

Guest judge Jim Kramer visits Athena and asks whether they will win. Annie dominates the explanation, saying that she comes up with everything. But Melissa cuts her and says that they were all doing equally.

Clint does the presentation for KOTU while Annie for Athena. The execs from Right Guard say they like both ads but think that KOTU got the order of the page wrong, which is putting Lee's feature in the very end.

In the board room, Jesse and Joan attack Clint who refuses almost all of their ideas. Clint defends that he just didn't want to use a hundred percent of Jesse's idea. Annie meanwhile, stands up for herself that she does a lot in the project and this is backed up by Brande.

KOTU wins the ad challenge and so Athena is judged. Brande defends that she raises the highest amount of money apart from Annie and that she has more than her beauty. The playboy mate suggests that Melissa is fired because she inserts personal problems into the work. The women then argue among themselves, before finally Joan gets out of the room screaming "You have a Nazi and a follower", Melissa follows and storms out without exit interview.

Melissa is out of the picture, but Joan who is in the winning team, may or may not come back next week.

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