Artworks for Ciara's 'Fantasy Ride' Digital Booklet Revealed

Artworks for Ciara's 'Fantasy Ride' Digital Booklet Revealed

The artworks for Ciara's 'Fantasy Ride' digital booklet have arrived in two pictures, one of which shows her being strapped onto a dartboard.
Two brand new pictures claimed to be included in digital booklet of Ciara's upcoming third effort "Fantasy Ride" have been uncovered. One of the pictures features her as an animated figure with a love sign drawn around her left eye.

The other artwork captures Ciara leaning against dartboard as if she is there as a target. Sporting red, black and white-colored skimpy clothes and red high heels, she is seen hanging on two red hand-grips. Her wrists and ankles are strapped onto the board, while knives are seen scattered around her.

"Fantasy Ride" will be released in U.K. on May 4 and in U.S. on the next day. Following the album's release, Ciara will head up to NBC's Studio 8H at GE Building of Rockefeller Center on May 9 to perform at sketch comedy "Saturday Night Live". She will be joined by Young Jeezy in song called "Never Ever" and Justin Timberlake in another track called "Love Sex Magic".

Artwork of Ciara's "Fantasy Ride" digital booklet:

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