Preview of 'Smallville' 8.16: Turbulence

Tess wants Clark to trust her and thus arranges a flight that ends up in turbulence, all new in 'Smallville'.

AceShowbiz - Clark and Tess are going for a little flight in the next episode of "Smallville". Apt to its title, "Turbulence", the episode will reveal a bumpy flight which is deliberately orchestrated by Tess in an effort to force Clark to reveal his powers.

"It's me and Clark," %cCassidy Freeman% who plays Tess dished out on the episode to E! Online. "I approach him in a very different way than Lex did. I see Clark as an opportunity for security in a way that I've never felt before. I, like everybody else, need a hero, and I'm looking to Clark for that."

Cassidy went on that Tess knew about Clark's powers in second degree, saying "She knows what she's read, she's knows what she's seen, she knows what she's heard, but she wants him to trust her." She adds that Tess discovers Lionel Luthor's diary and finds out about "everything".

"Turbulence" will air March 19. Also in the episode, Davis discovers a way for him to control the monster inside him.

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