New 'Dragonball Evolution' Clips Emerge

A series of clips from 'Dragonball Evolution' has become available for viewing pleasure, bringing in more of the action as well as the story on the manga adaptation.

AceShowbiz - Several new clips from "Dragonball Evolution" have been uncovered. Taking a deeper look into the manga adaptation, most of the clips provide additional never-before-seen footage and bring in some spoilers to the film. Some of the clips also serve as the extended version of the snippets shown in previously-released videos.

One of the clips entitled "The Attack on Gohan" presents the scene where Grandpa Gohan is attacked by Mai. Though he is able to deflect Mai's weapons, he is left powerless when Piccolo enters the room and uses his power to defeat him. Other clips display scenes with Goku, Master Roshi, Bulma, Yamcha and Chi-Chi. Meanwhile, the clip showing Chi-Chi was posted earlier at Yahoo! Movies.

Adapted from Akira Toriyama's famous Japanese manga of the same name, "Dragonball Evolution" revolves around Goku's journey to collect all seven Dragonballs. Having had one of the balls, the young warrior must now gather around six others before Lord Piccolo gets his hands on them and destroys Earth. With the help from Master Roshi and Bulma, he embarks on a quest to save the Earth.

The live-action film produced by Stephen Chow will come out in U.S. theaters on April 8 and will be shown at an exhibition in mainland China on March 14. It stars Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Chow Yun-Fat, Emmy Rossum, Joon Park, Jamie Chung, Eriko Tamura and Randall Duk Kim among others.

  • "Goku Meets Roshi"
  • "Piccolo Finds Dragonball"
  • "Yamcha's Trap"
  • "The Attack on Gohan"
  • "Goku Meets Bulma"
  • "Goku vs Grandpa Gohan"
  • "Chi-Chi vs Chi-Chi"

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