Robbie Williams Finally Wants to Rejoin Take That

Robbie Williams Finally Wants to Rejoin Take That

Having Take That's symbol tattooed on his hand, Robbie Williams said that he has put the rift in the past and would love to reunite.
The matter whether Robbie Williams will step back in the circle of Take That or not has been bobbing up and down but never this close. The star who quit the British boy band in 1995 due to internal rift, said on Wednesday, December 10 that he "would love to" rejoin the band, and as a proof of his seriousness, he has got the group's symbol tattooed on his right arm.

Robbie admits that he has been watching closely on the successful comeback of the band since the release of "Beautiful World" in 2006 in U.K. He said, "I'm over the moon for the boys. I was worried at first. I was following their meteoric return, but every photo of the lads I saw they didn't look happy. Then they just seemed to take full stride again. Having met up with them I can tell you they're having a ball. I'm really proud. I love the new album too ("The Circus") - haven't stopped listening to it."

Coming to the reunion issue, Robbie then gushed, "I'd like to think we'd be the only band in the history of music to get together because of artistic differences." He added that he and fellow band members have spent a quality time over the summer and realized how much they have grown since they last split. "It was amazing," he said. "We've all matured a lot since we parted. I'm very pleased to say the differences we've had have just melted away."

"I celebrated by getting the Take That symbol tattooed on my right arm. I'm proud to know the boys and I'm proud to have been in the band," Robbie continued, adding that he would "love to be in the band again" but he has "got some unfinished business" of his own and thus no reunion will occur immediately.

The 34-year-old is prepping his eight studio album for 2009 release. He has purchased a mansion in Wiltshire, back in his homeland for 7 million pounds in order to work on the album.

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