Jonas Brothers Share Their Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Jonas Brothers

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas have their own favorite Christmas ornaments, but one tradition in the family that they treasure most is helping their mom with her cookie-making.
Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas have a chit chat with People magazine, talking about their favorite Christmas ornaments. Beside the excerpt of their talk, the weekly publication also provides a behind the scene video of Jonas Brothers and their family during a photo shoot session.

As for Kevin, he shows off his "Baby Boy ornament" to People, claiming it as his tree accessory of choice, adding that it was "one of my first." The eldest of the brothers also says that decorating Christmas tree is serious business in the family, stating "It's a huge ordeal in our family to wrap the Christmas lights around the tree properly. My dad is kind of, you know, very, very particular."

Middle brother Joe, meanwhile, admits "Ever since I was little, that was the one I couldn't wait to put on the tree every year," when talking about his Lion King stuff. The other tradition in the family that becomes his favorite is wearing their pajamas inside out on Christmas morning. "We think if we wear them inside out, then it will snow," so he says.

Just like his two brothers, Nick also has his own favorite Christmas ornament, about which he reveals, "I love the ones I have from when I was in (a Broadway production of) A Christmas Carol, especially the Ghost of Christmas Past. Those are good memories for me." In addition to the threesome, their youngest brother Frankie, who is often called the Bonus Jonas, also shows his favorite one, which is a handcrafted ornament that he made in school.

Greater than their favorite Christmas ornaments, the Jonas boys and their family can't wait for the festivity to come as they have planned to celebrate the big day at their new Dallas home. Kevin, Joe, and Nick also can't wait helping their mother with her cookie-making, which is a "five-day event."

Behind the scenes video taped as the Jonas boys and their family talk to People about their treasured Christmas traditions can be watched on People's official site.

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