'Green Lantern' Rumors Addressed

'Green Lantern' Rumors Addressed

Marc Guggenheim, co-screenwriter of the superhero film, opens up about the development as well as circulating speculations around the Greg Berlanti's adaptation movie.
While promoting his ABC television show "Eli Stone", screenwriter Marc Guggenheim sets the stone straight on the rumors flying around the forthcoming comic book adaptation "Green Lantern", including the one which suggested that Ryan Gosling is eyed for the titular role. About the latter issue, he confesses to Newsarama, "I read that online, actually."

Though noting that he has no idea on Gosling's rumored part, he is excited of the possibility stating further, "That was how I got that news. As one of the writers, I'm not really involved in the day-to-day pre-production on it all. But I think it would be pretty amazing. I'll go on record saying that."

On the occasion, Guggenheim also slams down the speculation that "Lantern" may be affected by the Warner Bros. "revamp". "I don't even know, from what I've observed, if I would characterize it as a revamp," he says. "I know a lot's been made in newspapers and magazines about a revamping of DC's approach. That hasn't been my sense."

"Maybe a focusing; maybe a ratcheting up of pace and energy. Whatever it's been, it really hasn't affected this project in the least. All the drafts have come in on schedule. All the notes have been the same kind of notes that we would have gotten in the absence of any 'revamping.'"

On the development of the movie itself, the man behind many TV series, including "Brothers & Sisters", reveals, "It's pretty far along. We're reasonably deep into it [Green Lantern]. I'm never really comfortable publicly commenting on the movie because unlike the TV show, I'm just one of three writers and I've sworn a blood oath to secrecy. But we're in the thick of it. We're moving along at a pretty hefty clip."

Adapted from the comic book series by writer Bill Finger and artist Martin Nodell, "Green Lantern" tells the story of a superhero whose job is to protect the space using a green energy-powered ring. With Greg Berlanti sitting on the director seat, the flick is expected to start filming in early spring of 2009 for 2010 release. Guggenheim, Berlanti and Michael Green are working on the script.

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