Video Premiere: Sugarland's 'Already Gone'

Video Premiere: Sugarland's 'Already Gone'

In Sugarland's 'Already Gone' music video, Jennifer Nettles brings out the sentimental feeling as she recalls her family.
A closed-captioned version of music video for Sugarland's new single named "Already Gone" has just been unveiled. Co-written by the band's members, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, the song lyrics capture a feel of life, freedom, and romance, which are similar to Dixie Chicks' "Cowboy Take Me Away".

The video mostly talks about being willing to take a chance and to risk failure for the benefit of life experiences. It starts off with Jennifer and Kristian, standing on the hood of old vintage cars with a sunset in the background. A young woman, who at the end of the video turns to Jennifer, is then captured, sitting on the driver's seat of the old car while holding a diary and taking an old family picture off the book. Recalling the past time with her family, the girl is filled with a sentimental feeling. The video continues with Jennifer, singing the tune, and Kristian, playing mandolin on one of the cars' hood.

Furthermore, the song is confirmed to be the country duo's second single for their third major studio album, "Love on the Inside". The record has been released to follow up their 2006 set called "Enjoy the Ride" in July through Mercury Nashville Records.

Sugarland's "Already Gone" closed-captioned music video:

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