Britney Spears Given Second Performing Chance at 2008 MTV VMAs?

Britney Spears Given Second Performing Chance at 2008 MTV VMAs?

The president of MTV Networks Music Group said that there is a possibility that Britney Spears will open the show again this year despite her disastrous performance last year.
Once again, MTV Video Music Awards will be the medium for Britney Spears' prove-to-the-world that she is still the princess of pop. The singer who failed to impress at last year's event is slated to perform this year, singing one of the tracks from her new album. A source close to the Spears family said, "This is her big chance to make amends and let everyone see that she is becoming the Britney of old again."

In a report published by, Van Toffler who serves as the president of MTV Networks Music Group said that Britney deserves "a second or third chance". He said, "I'm not sure how we top Britney opening the show but we are working on it every minute of every day."

A friend of the celebrity added that Britney is actually nervous on the gig, saying "She is as nervous as hell but at the same time itching to get back in front of the same audience where she screwed up so badly last time. It is the perfect platform for her to announce to her fans and the world that the dark days are behind her and she's back on track with her life and her career. She really wants to do this, despite the jitters."

If indeed Britney is tapped to perform, then the event held on September 7 at Hollywood Paramount Studio will be largely in her theme. She has received three nominations for her video "Piece of Me" and has also taped commercial videos for the event with host Russell Brand that were released earlier this month.

Beside making more public appearances, Britney is also working on her sixth studio album which is self-proclaimed to be her "best work ever". She gushed to OK! Magazine, "I think it is more urban. I'm working with producers who are just amazing. There is this fresh new energy." The album is still untitled but is predicted to come out in six or nine months to come.

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