The Evolution of Batsuit in Two Decades

On July 18, the latest Batman movie 'Dark Knight' will be screened in theaters across the country, but before rushing down to see it, lets see how Batsuit has changed throughout this past 20 years.

AceShowbiz - One of Batman's most recognizable items among his prized possessions in fighting crimes in Gotham City is his unique costume. It is popularly known simply as 'Batsuit'. Throughout the years, details of his Batsuit have been evolving to provide the actors who depict this superhero a distinct style as well as freedom of movement.

For the past two decades, the changes of Batman's costume can be observed from the five memorable movies, among them are "Batman", "Batman Forever", "Batman and Robin" and "Batman Begins", and of course the upcoming Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight". Here below, we will discuss the evolving Batsuit observed from its color tone, design and mobility issue observed from the movies.

Color Tone: Present and Past

Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight (2008)

In the latest Batman movie "The Dark Knight", this most feared hero will be wearing an all-black bodysuit. The dark color covers up mostly all parts of the costume, including the bat emblem grazing the suit's chest. One part that left untouched by the color is his utility belt which is painted goldenrod.

Two Batsuits in Batman and Robin (1997)

In this coloring category, "Dark Knight" costume is overall similar to the one used by Christian Bale in "Batman Begins". But, it differs from the ones before. In "Batman and Robin", Batman has two batsuits, one is noticeably bluer in tone, while the other one is highlighted with silver lining on particular parts, including the bat emblem and utility belt.

Val Kilmer in Batman Forever (1995) and Michael Keaton in Batman (1989)

Furthermore, in "Batman Forever", the Batsuit is made in a more silvery-black color with a black utility belt. This "Batman Forever" costume is an elaboration of the Batsuit used in "Batman Returns" which has a common black color, excluding the goldenrod emblem's field and utility belt. Meanwhile, in the "Batman" film starring Michael Keaton, the costume is pretty much the moderate one. It holds a completely black tone with plain yellow color on its field bat-emblem and its utility belt.

Design: Batsuit's Metamorphosis

Apart from its color tone, the Batsuit can also be seen evolving in its design. In the forthcoming "Dark Knight", viewers will be presented with a costume design that is slightly differed from the one in "Batman Begins". The design will be observed through several categories as follows:

Batsuit in Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008)

Body Armor

In "Dark Knight", the batsuit will be broken into multiple pieces of armors. By that, it means that most of the bodysuit parts of Batman costume in this movie are generally separated from one another. One of the most noticeable broken down parts is Batman's cowl. If in all previous Batman movies this head dress is attached to the suit's shoulder and neck, in "Dark Knight", the cowl is cut off from the whole suit making it to work like a motorcycle helmet.


The different cowl of Batman in The Dark Knight (top) and Batman and Robin (1997)Having similar design as the one portrayed in "Batman Begins", Batman's cowl in "Dark Knight" still holds a sleeker, more rounded form. It also still shows Batman in an angry facial expression as well as the pointy ear pieces. What differentiate it from the previous Batman's cowls is the fact that it has a smoother surface than the one in "Batman and Robin", movie which was styled with compartment pattern under the ears, as well as the one in Keaton's "Batman" which is designed with a bit of curves under the ear.


The black gloves used by Batman to protect his arm is equipped with retractable scallops.Aside from the broken down armor suit and the sleeker cowl, other evolving design from Batman costume can be seen from its gauntlets. The black gloves used by Batman to protect his arm is equipped with retractable scallops. Though the design is still similar to "Batman Begins" the three scallops won't stick out all the time like the ones before. In "Batman Forever", the scallops were not separated into three pieces, instead it is designed in resemblance of a fin.


Another modified design done for "Dark Knight" Batsuit is the bat-emblem. This symbolic bat grazing across the Batsuit's chest will be smaller than the one seen in "Batman Begins". It also will hold similar pattern with the superhero's logo displayed on the poster and will still be presented in a 3-D format. In early Batman movie, "Batman" and "Batman Returns", the emblem is being portrayed like a logo silk-screened to the armored-chest of the bodysuit. But, starting from "Batman Forever" movie, it takes a more 3-D approach making it to be more recognizable.

Mobility Issue

Though generally made with the intention to provide a disguise for Bruce Wayne while doing his heroic task as well as protection, Batsuit often left the actors wearing it nearly motionless. However, it has been claimed that the new Batsuit will give Bale freedom to move due to the fact that it is made from multiple pieces of armors. Compared to the previous ones which are basically a one piece body suit, the new Batsuit will allow Batman to turn his head without having to move his upper torso while wearing his full costume.

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