'Half-Blood Prince' Opens With Big Attack, Daniel Radcliffe Compares It to 'Trainspotting'

'Half-Blood Prince' Opens With Big Attack, Daniel Radcliffe Compares It to 'Trainspotting'

Giving hints on what the latest 'Harry Potter' will look like, director David Yates noted that it will open with big attack, while its star compares it to 1996 British cult film.
"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" has moved on from its production phase to post production and with that, things related to the sixth movie of J.K. Rowling's adaptation series start to pour down to the media. Following the outing of a series of photos exposing scenes from the Warner Bros. Pictures' movie, director David Yates and star Daniel Radcliffe opened up about what to expect from the tidbit.

Talking to Empire magazine, Yates revealed that unlike the previous "Harry Potter" movies, the new one will be much darker and more chaotic. "We're opening with a big attack," gushed the helmer of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" as quoted by The Sun. "We'll bring a major London landmark crashing down." Revealing more, Yates gave hint to Harry's romance with Ginny to USA Today explaining, "They're about to kiss. Then the bloody Death Eaters turn up and cause all sorts of anarchy."

Meanwhile, in the eyes of the titular character's depicter, Radcliffe, the new film will have some moments that will remind moviegoers to "Trainspotting", the Danny Boyle's 1996 crime drama British film about a group of heroin addicts in late 1980s Edinburgh. To Empire, the 18-year-old said, "There's a fair amount of sexual energy and drug parallels. We have a couple of Trainspotting moments. That's two films I never thought would be mentioned in the same breath."

Filmed using script by Steven Kloves, "Half-Blood Prince" follows once again the boy wizard, Potter, in his quest to unlock the mysteries behind his nemesis, Voldermort, as the evil wizard is gaining more and more power and gathering his followers to kill Potter. Supported by Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith among others, the movie is set to be released on November 21.

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