'Dark Knight' Brand New Clip Sees Two-Face

'Dark Knight' Brand New Clip Sees Two-Face

For those who wish to get an early glimpse of 'Two Face', a new clip released by Warner Bros. Pictures for 'The Dark Knight' has provided them with that.
Most people, especially Batman fans and moviegoers, perhaps have had enough with the promotional videos from the highly anticipated "The Dark Knight" which is focused on Joker. Hence, when it was said that the second trailer would show Harvey 'Two Face' Dent, they went berserk over it. But, to many disappointment, the trailer only displayed the normal Dent before he gets the nasty wound on his face. Now, a new clip exposing Dent as 'Two Face' has been revealed.

The extremely short clip was put on the Joker viral site WhySoSerious.com. The footage begins with a shot of a television showing news report from what appears to be the burned down building in Gotham City. Then, the shot zooms out from it and reveals two men in a bar, one is the bartender and the other is an old customer. After a short conversation, the bartender said that he needs to go to the restroom. Right when the bartender goes out, another man walks in and to the surprise of the customer, the new man is Dent whom the white haired man thinks to be dead already.

Bringing another story from a chapter in Batman's life to the silver screen, "Dark Knight" follows the superhero in Bat-themed costume as he is facing his toughest challenge yet in sweeping away the criminals in the Gotham City thanks to the existence of the psychopathic Joker. The new Batman adaptation movie will also tell the birth of his other foe, 'Two Face'. Coming in theaters nationwide on July 18, the movie directed by Christopher Nolan stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

"The Dark Knight" - Two Face Clip:

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