Lindsay Lohan Bailed Out of 'Manson' Film

Lindsay Lohan

Denying earlier rumor of her being cut off from 'The Manson Girls', the Razzie Award-recipient for 'I Know Who Killed Me' stated through her representative that she is the one who withdrew from it.
Hollywood starlett Lindsay Lohan will no longer be expected to appear in the upcoming thriller movie about the convicted killer Charles Manson, "The Manson Girls". Contrary to the earlier rumor stating that she has been axed from the tidbit, the 21-year-old actress is now said to be passing up the role of devoted Manson follower Nancy Pitman due to conflicting schedule.

Though insisting that the "Mean Girls" star was interested to act in the Matthew Bright's movie, Leslie Sloane, Lohan's spokeswoman, slammed down the dropping rumor and explained that the actress/singer has to pull out from the project to attain two other offers. "She is not able to do the film as she has signed on to the film 'Labor Pains' and the TV show 'Ugly Betty' and the dates conflict. She was interested in Manson if her schedule permitted," noted the rep in an e-mail to AFP.

In comedy movie "Pains", Lohan has been set to play a young woman who leads everyone into thinking that she is expecting to elude the possibility of being fired. Meanwhile, on the "Betty" case, it has been announced on Monday, May 5, that the co-star of Jamie Lee Curtis in "Freaky Friday" has signed on to be a guest star in the television series six upcoming episodes. She will start working for "Betty" sometime this month.

Concerning her being axed speculation, several earlier reports suggested that the actress who is trying to rebuild her acting career after her rehab stint in 2007 has been cut off from her role speculating between two reasons. The first one was that studio bosses fear she has returned to her old habits of partying which allegedly has caused tension with "Georgia Rule" producer James G. Robinson, whereas the other one implied that the studio have to let her go since no other actresses would want to work with her.

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