Producer Comments on Broadside's Part in 'Transformers 2'

Putting off the flame on Broadside's speculation, Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed that the transforming aircraft has never been the subject of talks to be included in the film.
Back in June 2007, director Michael Bay excited "Transformers" fans as he revealed that he has an idea of bringing Broadside to the action blockbuster's sequel but noting that it is way too expensive for a feature film. Since then, the question whether or not Broadside will be included in the movie or not lingers on. However, recently producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura shut down any hope on the possibility.

Addressing the casting rumors that have been circulating around "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" to MTV News, di Bonaventura denied the chance of Broadside to appear in the film saying, "A transforming aircraft carrier? We saw a Japanese film that had something like that, so maybe that's where that comes from." He further explained that he and Bay had never even talked about the idea, but admitting that they were impressed on the Japanese animated version of the Autobot's affiliate.

Regarding the casting reports, it has been said that "Superbad" star Jonah Hill won't be making any appearance in the the movie as well as Australian actress Teresa Palmer. Though refusing to make any comment on those reports, di Bonaventura unveiled that surprising casting announcement is coming soon enough stating, "Ultimately, we'll have a couple casting surprises for everybody soon. Michael's got some really great stuff planned."

Set to arrive in theaters on June 26, 2009, the sequel to the hit live action film based on Hasbro's toyline will see Shia LaBeouf once again as its star. It is also reported that Megan Fox and Jon Voight will be reprising their roles in the second movie. It is set to start production in early June 2008, but the confirmation on the shooting date still depends on the upcoming actors strike.

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