Kate Hudson Impressed with Digitally Enhanced Bust, Considering Boob Job

Kate Hudson

Was so impressed with her breasts which were digitally enhanced in the promotional poster for new movie "Fool's Gold", Kate Hudson has openly revealed her willingness to have a boob job.
Having a good looking face is just not enough for Kate Hudson. The actress, who is famously lacking in the cleavage department, was so impressed when her breasts were digitally enhanced in the promotional poster for new movie "Fool's Gold" that she wants to make them a reality.

Having her breasts enhanced digitally in the promotional artwork which shows her posed alongside co-star Matthew McConaughey, Hudson revealed to Cosmopolitan Magazine, "They are so not my boobs - they look too perfect." She then went on saying, "Seriously, if I ever wanted to have them done, I'd take this poster to the doctor and say, 'This is what I want them to look like.'"

The petite actress also admitted in further interview that she and co-star Matthew McConaughey "drive each other crazy in a good way." "As Matthew puts it, we're the perfect pain in each other's asses. There is just a thing of trust between us. I feel safe with him and I believe he wouldn't let anything happen to me," so she said.

Went on telling the publication that she is enjoying being single despite rumors that she has rekindled her romance with on-off boyfriend Owen Wilson, Hudson said, "I'm not the least bit interested in dating. So many people have been making up stories about me ... You become the lead character in their soap opera ... My relationship with Chris (Robinson) was always really good. And my relationship with Owen (Wilson) was also always really good. Anything other than that is just people making things up."

Insisted that the only man in her life thus far is her son Ryder Russell, Hudson continued saying, "I don't want a man who doesn't understand that's he's not my priority any longer. You can never love anything or anyone more than your son or daughter. No relationship will ever be the same again - your priorities are completely different now."

Read the full interview in the May issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, on sale April 10.

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