The End of Velvet Revolver?

The End of Velvet Revolver?

Vocalist Scott Weiland and drummer Matt Sorum have released separate statements regarding the fate of Velvet Revolver.
Velvet Revolver's frontman Scott Weiland made a surprising announcement at their gig on Thursday, March 20 in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. when he said that the current tour will be their last. The vocalist who is also fronting Stone Temple Pilots (STP) said to the audience as they closed the gig, "You're at something special really tonight...This is the last ever Velvet Revolver tour".

A couple of responses have been issued by the band following this. In a blog post by Matt Sorum, the drummer said, "So last night was interesting. Had a little band turmoil on stage, as you probably all could tell. Being in a band is a lot like being in a relationship. Sometimes you just don't get along. I guess there has been more turmoil lately, I guess, with the cancellations and all. It has been frustrating, I am not going to lie." Sorum further said that he loves touring but it can be "draining".

Another internal response has been issued by Weiland after that through "Responding to our drummer's rant about why the band is in a state of flux: Well, first of all, the state of my family affairs is really none of his business, since he is too immature to have a real relationship, let alone children. So don't attempt to stand in a man's shoes when you haven't walked his path. Secondly, 'keeping rock 'n' roll alive?' I've made many attempts to remain cordial with the members of VR, but mainly, the likes of you. Funny though - this is your FIRST band, as opposed to being a hired gun."

"I've been making records (now on my ninth), which have sold over 35 million copies worldwide and have maintained a level of professionalism regardless of how many drugs I've ingested into my system. I have only cancelled one tour during the entire course of my 16-year run and that was the 'make-up' Australia tour. Now, shall I open that can of worms, Matthew? Release the Kraken? Serve... Volley! You cancelled the Aussie tour in the fall because you went to rehab, but I won't say why... we'll just let Blabbermouth find out for themselves."

Their last scheduled show will be the April 1 date in Amsterdam. Weiland will reunite with STP this Spring/Summer for a number of shows. "On a separate note, we did an STP photo shoot before this tour and it was fun, inspiring and it gave me that thrill - that feeling that got my rocks off from the get-go," Weiland continued.

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