Chris Daughtry 'Sorry for Being Honest' on Idol Diss

Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry insisted that he was not trying to diss 'the hand that fed' him at the first place, American Idol.
Consider it a slip of tongue but Chris Daughtry has insisted that he was merely being honest when he said that his former 'school' American Idol is "in a state of decline". He claimed the statement that was made during interview with was taken only in parts and eventually misinterpreted his opinion.

On his official blog, the singer who fronts rock band DAUGHTRY wrote, "It's so sad that when you're asked something and you answer honestly ... you're made out to be the bad guy." He also went on explaining that he did mention "good things" about the show in the same interview, emphasizing that he "was a struggling artist for 11 years that never got any respect or notoriety so know that I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity that 'Idol' gave me. And that's where my comments came from."

'Idol' judge Randy Jackson had responded to the first statement by Daughtry regarding the show that has just started its seventh cycle, saying, "I love Chris. I think he made an amazing record that he sold extremely well. He's a testament to the fact that no matter where you finish on 'Idol' - even if you finish 12th - if you make a great record and you got that kind of exposure, the public will resoundingly buy it. But the bottom line is there would be no Chris Daughtry if there wasn't 'American Idol.' "

Daughtry who turned off the opportunity being lead singer of established band Fuel when he finished fourth from the show's fifth season, reformed his home band DAUGHTRY and released a self-titled album in 2006 that went on selling 3.6 million copies. The band also receive multiple nominations from prestigious awards such as American Music Awards, People's Choice and World Music Awards, making Daughtry one of the most successful 'Idol' alumnus.

Concluding his apology to the show, Daughtry wrote "My long-winded point is this. I was never trying to 'DISS' the show or 'BITE THE HAND THAT FED ME' so to speak. I was simply giving my input on what I think would spice the show up a bit. Sorry for being honest."

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