New Dark Knight IMAX Featurette Strikes Online

New Dark Knight IMAX Featurette Strikes Online

It features interviews with helmer Christopher Nolan and other film crews along with clips from the filming process using IMAX camera.
While waiting for a new trailer for "The Dark Knight" to arrive, a featurette for the highly-anticipated flick has delightfully been brought up by IMAX, revealing the difficulties and the rewards that come with using IMAX cameras.

In the piece, director/writer Christopher Nolan talks a bit on the production while unveiling some behind-the-scenes action. There are also interviews with the film's director of photography Wally Pfister and steadicam operator Bob Gorelick. Head over to The Dark Knight Trailer section at AceShowbiz to have a look at it, or just grab it down below.

In related news about the movie, report brought by has pointed out that people taking photographs of themselves in Joker make-up in front of famous landmarks in their cities have received the Gotham Times newspaper by mail. A reader of the site informed that it has "a bunch of articles about the crime in Gotham, Batman, Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne, and even letters to the editor."

More to say, if you send a mail to an email address that appears in the paper,, you will receive an auto-response stating as follows:

"See you found my little message. So, do you think you have what it takes to be a part of my circle of friends? Are you a backstabbing, self-promoting, ambitious clown who will do anything to prove yourself to me? If so, the first step of your application process awaits... if you know where to look."

Site for the paper,, has not yet activated, but it is mentioned that the first online edition is going to be launched on Friday, November 23, 2007. Look for updates about it on

UPDATE 11/24/2007: The Gotham Times has now been launched, showing tons of articles to read on its four pages with the banner headline declaring "CITY AT WAR; Batman Saves Entire Family." Note that reports posted are revealing some plot spoilers on "The Dark Knight."

Move your cursor over "Mobsters Fight for Dominance" headline to peel a portion of the page which will reveal "Ha Ha Ha" underneath. Click the words to find the Joker's mock version of the paper's site, The Ha Ha Ha Times.

In the meantime, another viral marketing website for the superhero flick, has also come to life, established by Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent "for citizens to report issues involving the police without fear of retribution or harassment." There you can read some posts by Gotham citizens on "Letters of Support" section, even post your own thoughts and tips through "Submit Tip" page.

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