Rehab Outpatient Lindsay Lohan Revealed the Identity of Her New Boyfriend

Rehab Outpatient Lindsay Lohan Revealed the Identity of Her New Boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan has confirmed that she's dating snowboarder Riley Giles.
In and out rehab, Lindsay Lohan is everywhere. Hot on the heels of her interview with OK! Magazine, the now rehab outpatient has done another yet interview with In Touch's reporter Kate Major. Discussed everything from her upcoming trip to Africa to reconciliation with father Michael Lohan, LiLo also openly revealed the identity of her new boyfriend.

On her extended rehab stay Lindsay told Kate, "There is that urge to want to leave early, obviously, and be back in the real world. But it was safer at Cirque and I was learning more. I felt it was necessary, and other people I worked with felt that it was important."

And being asked on how her life be different now that she's out of rehab, she said "The biggest thing is not being in LA and staying away from the nightlife. Going out all the time was very self-destructive. Partying and having all of those pictures taken distracts from the work that I do. It's not why I started acting. I didn't get into acting to be written about. It kind of just happened, so I accept that it's my life. But there are some things that I can do to make changes and grow up. I want to act like a woman rather than a teenager. I am doing the best I can."

Opened up about her reunion with daddy Michael, she revealed "There were a lot of phone conversations, figuring out a way for him to come here. We hadn't connected in three-and- a-half years. But it was really good for me. My mom [Dina] thought it was a good idea, as well. I think it was really important for me to get a connection back with my dad because I hadn't had that in a while."

On her planned trip to Africa, Lindsay's planning a trip there "during the second week in December. I'm working with the American Red Cross, but it is not finalized yet." On a more personal matter, the young celeb does admit she's "seeing someone. His name is Riley. I am really happy and taking it day by day."

On her new boy toy, media reports are abuzz that he's snowboarder and California-based X-Games star Riley Giles. Below are some photos of the new lovers.

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