Britney Spears' 'Gimme More' in Lil Mama's Remix

Lil Mama

Lil Mama has added rapping into Britney Spears' hit 'Gimme More', reasoning why the pop star is having so much trouble.
Of what becoming a tradition, Lil Mama has landed a remix of the song that is hot on the chart. If previously she collaborated with Avril Lavigne in 'Girlfriend' remix, the 18-year-old rapper has now remixed Britney Spears' hot track 'Gimme More'.

Lil Mama added the rapping in front of the song while the first chorus is kept in Britney's original voice, much like she did to Rihanna's 'Umbrella' remix.

Among the lines she reasoned why Britney has so much trouble in her life, saying "People always going to tell you what you want to hear / too many yeses, not enough noes, not enough real /...They surround the best and the best get torn."

Lil Mama will release her debut album 'VYP: Voice of the Young People' on November 27. She has released two singles, 'Lip Gloss' and 'G-Slide (Tour Bus)', and is expected to drop the third 'Shawty Get Loose" feat. Chris Brown anytime soon.

Lil Mama Remix of 'Gimme More':

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