Detailed Incredible Hulk Plot Exposed

Grab the detailed info about the story, including how Bruce Banner can finally cure himself from the gamma radiation.
Most superhero fans and moviegoers alike sure have long known the basic premise of Marvel Studios' upcoming "The Incredible Hulk", but how about the details of the story? Lucky for them, and Latino Review delightfully have ample information on the matter.

Said to be dated May 13, 2007, the Edward Norton-written script is described to already feature the titular superhero in the film's opening sequence. It is also found out that Bruce Banner has been working a research in Brazil to cure himself from the gamma radiation which turns him into the big green guy while trying to always remain calm through the use of mediation and a pulse monitor.

His quiet, serene life, however, gets a drastic turn when General Ross detect his location and pursue him alongside a team headed by Emil Blonsky, forcing the man to return to the States to ask help from Dr. Sterns yet bumping into Betty instead. Around this time, Gen. Ross and the military spot him and a big battle then ensues. In the middle of it, Betty gets injured, but is saved by Hulk and so, they find themselves on the run together.

The two later manage to meet Sterns who attempts to treat Banner that comes off as an effective one, turning him back to himself. Banner's relief, however, does not last long as the military come in and take captive of him. Things get worse when Blonsky breaks in and makes Stern inject him with Banner's DNA, turning him into Abomination. Gen. Ross has no way to stop him and he realizes that Banner may be their only hope, but after Sterns’ treatment, can he even transform?

In addition to the story details, it is also informed that moviegoers will also find some humor in the flick amidst the action and intensity that are strewn throughout. For more detailed description of the plot, please visit the two links above.

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