Prince Back to His 80s Charm with

Prince decided to bring back his 80s sound with collaboration from funk music duo Wendy and Lisa to pen the song "The One U Wanna C", a pre-released track from "Planet Earth".

AceShowbiz - If Prince started "Planet Earth" with pop/rock driven "Guitar", he was a complete brilliant to include long-time partner Wendy and Lisa for "The One U Wanna C". The song that is still yet to be determined to be a single is a reminder of how his fans survived the 80s.

"The One U Wanna C" is one of the pre-release tracks from "Planet Earth" that suggests that the record may be more than just a pop CD. It pretty much sports the easy melody Prince used to deliver "Purple Rain" and "Raspberry Beret". Other song that leaked to the Internet titled "Future Baby Mama" also leans on slow R&B.

"Planet Earth" was released for free on July 15 in U.K. with the purchase of The Mail, a Sunday national paper. In U.S. The full-length CD will be released on July 24 via Columbia. It was reported that "Chelsea Rodgers" will be pulled out as a second single on August 6 with "Mr. Goodnight" on the B-side.

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