"Valkyrie" May Get Greenlight for German Shoot

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The German Defense Ministry has shown no objection to the intention of "Valkyrie" filmmakers to shoot the movie in Germany.
Looks like the filmmakers of "Valkyrie" can indeed move forward with plan to shoot the flick in Germany now as the German Defense Ministry signaled on Thursday, June 28 that it has no opposition to the WWII thriller shooting in the country despite its recent ban on it because of Tom Cruise's Scientology belief.

While not receiving an official request from the movie's producers United Artists (UA) to do the filming, the Defense Ministry stated it "would look agreeably" upon any such application. A spokesman to the ministry further added that the government body in fact is not responsible for approving film shoots at Berlin's Benderblock, where "Valkyrie" producers intend to take important scenes, since the site is under the authority of Germany's Finance Ministry.

Though it implicitly indicates that UA still has to work its way to get full permission for using the location, the studio's president of worldwide marketing and publicity Dennis Rice seemed more than delightful as well as relieved in his response to the statement.

"We have always believed Germany was the only place to shoot 'Valkyrie,' as it was the country where this incredible story took place. We are very happy that any apparent misunderstandings surrounding the production are clearing up," so he said.

In the meantime, local film industry has openly shown its support on the project with heads of Studio Babelsberg Christoph Fisser and Carl Woebcken considering the flick as one of the "too-few examples of military opposition to Hitler's regime" and even holding negotiations with UA to serve as the film's co-producers.

"The assassination attempt against Hitler is hardly known outside Germany," Fisser remarked. "We should therefore be delighted and welcome this wonderful opportunity to improve the image of our country. We are particularly proud that a producer and director of the Jewish faith would come here to shoot a film about the German resistance to Hitler."

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