Big Helming Names Team for "Tintin" Series

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Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are making collaboration to direct and produce three back-to-back features adapted from "The Adventures of Tintin" series.
Well, this probably is the dream team moviegoers ever wish to see on. Two acclaimed behind-the-camera figures, none other than Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, have joined forces together to bring up the famous Belgian comic books "The Adventures of Tintin" to the silver screen.

Variety has reported that the two filmmakers are both set to direct and produce three back-to-back features based on the series at DreamWorks' pit where the projects will be made in full digital 3-D using performance capture technology. Jackson's WETA Digital even has produced a 20-minute test reel bringing to life the characters, created by George Remi who wrote under the pen name of Herge.

"Herge's characters have been reborn as living beings, expressing emotion and a soul which goes far beyond anything we've seen to date with computer animated characters," Spielberg remarked. "We want Tintin's adventures to have the reality of a live-action film, and yet Peter and I felt that shooting them in a traditional live-action format would simply not honor the distinctive look of the characters and world that Herge created."

The site further informed that Spielberg and Jackson will each helm at least one title of the three and have already picked up three stories from the comic series, which encompassed 23 books published between 1929 and 1976. A director for the third one has not been disclosed yet.

The series, which has sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, chronicles the adventures of a junior reporter named Tintin who is determined to follow stories to the ends of the earth even though he often finds his own life in jeopardy. For the film series, it has been confirmed that Kathleen Kennedy and Nick Rodwell are accompanying Spielberg and Jackson to produce all the three films, which may be released via DreamWorks Animation.

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