Dublin to Witness R.E.M.'s Fresh Tracks

R.E.M. has written the materials for new album and they are willing to give a try out live in front of Dublin's audience.
Dublin's Olympia Theatre will witness the first time in a decade, R.E.M. performing live their fresh tracks before the release of the album. This is intended to give a good warming up for both the band and the materials that will be recorded in the next few months.

The songs will be revealed in a set of shows that runs 5 dates. First show is scheduled for June 30 and followed by the show on July 1. After that, they will take a one-day break before hitting the stage again on July 3-5. Frontman Michael Stipe said that he intended to hit the ground running.

Starting from this month, R.E.M. begins their recording with producer Jacknife Lee. If everything goes smoothly, the 14th album will be done before the end of the year and then released immediately via Warner Records.

Still in its early stages, this album is set for more up-tempo tunes to have a lively feel. Stipe said anyway, "The trouble with making records is that you can plan all you want. But what we find is that the records tend to take on a life of their own, so it could go in any direction."

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