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Media reports on "Bond 22" are getting larger, bringing tidbits about studio competition, script, and Bond girl.
Apparently talks about "Bond 22" never run out of words following the speculations on Abbie Cornish being considered as a new Bond girl. British newspaper The Guardian has brought in tidbits that the project may head back to Prague as representatives of the country's Barrandov Studios, where part of "Casino Royale" was shot, has reportedly been in talks with Sony Pictures and MGM to get it filmed at its pit.

In attaining the goal, however, the company has first to face tough competition from UK's Pinewood Studios which appears to be very determined in winning the series back after last year's fire incident. According to Guardian, "Pinewood's famed 007 stage has been rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire last July and now offers even more extensive facilities than before."

Meanwhile, USA Today points out that the sequel still has chance to get "Royale" helmer Martin Campbell back on the director's seat despite his previous remark saying he would not return to assume the position.

"After GoldenEye, I was asked to do subsequent Bonds, but I declined because it felt as if I'd be repeating myself," said Campbell as quoted by the paper. "But this one is based on a Bond that's more interesting. To be honest, I would just say I'd never say never."

Adding more fuel to the fire, even revealed that writing duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade "are reportedly working out a script based on Ian Fleming's short stories The Hildebrand Rarity, The Property Of A Lady, Risico and 007 In New York." This is somewhat contrasting with the twosome's earlier claim in January stating that the story would not be drawn from "Risico."

What's not missed is surely the buzz about Bond girl. According to Turkish newspaper Kelebek, model-kickboxer Fulya Keskin is being eyed for a Bond girl role in this twenty-second installment of the franchise while caught singer Jamelia saying that she has "looked at three scripts" and "is going to Hollywood in May" for a possibility to star in.

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