Lukas Haas Barges In "While She Was Out"

While She Was Out picture

"Alpha Dog" star Lukas Haas will play an antagonistic role in thriller "While She Was Out."
Coming to accompany Kim Basinger, Lukas Haas is positive to have a starring role in real-time thriller "While She Was Out", The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.

Here Hass will portray a gang leader who terrorizes a typical suburban housewife, played by Basinger, after she witnesses a murder. Playing the members of the gang are Jamie Starr, Leonard Wu, and Luis Chavez.

Writing and directing matters have been entrusted into the hands of Susan Montford with Guillermo del Toro seating as the executive producer. Meanwhile Kirk Shaw of Insight Film Studios, Don Murphy of Angry Films, and Mary Aloe of Proud Mary Entertainment are all producing.

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