Roman Polanski Recreates "Pompeii"

Pompeii picture

Roman Polanski will adapt Robert Harris' best-selling novel "Pompeii" into the big screen.
Taking what probably will be the biggest film project in his career, Roman Polanski has given agreement to make a $130 million dramatic thriller, "Pompeii", his next directorial project, bringing it to the big screen via independent financing.

Based on Robert Harris' New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, the picture will depict the days leading up to the destruction of the titular city through the eyes of a young engineer Marcus Attilius, who is assigned to repair the greatest aqueduct in the Roman Empire. Production is said to begin this summer in Italy.

"I got seduced by the writing," Polanski admitted as he explained the reason behind his decision to take the project. "In general terms, when someone tells me to make a movie set in ancient times, I say it's not my cup of tea. But I liked that it was a thriller and I have read all of his books and there is such minute detail. He goes very far into the research."

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