Sacha Baron Cohen Hits the Top Slot on AceShowbiz's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz of November 2006 Edition

Riding high on his latest vehicle of "Borat", Sacha Baron Cohen has secured the first place on November 2006 Edition of AceShowbiz's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz.
The month of November has seen great movies coming up to the surface yet none of them could gather such tremendous publication like "Borat" for sure, and the one who takes most advantage from it is certainly none other than its star, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Aside from whether it was a good or bad one, the continuous exposure undoubtedly has directed all eyes to gaze fixedly on the funnyman so that it is rather unsurprising indeed to find him seat atop AceShowbiz's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz of November 2006 edition replacing last-month's champ Leonardo Dicaprio who sadly ends up on number sixteen this time.

Same thing also happened to French actress Eva Green, whose enchanting looks and stunning performance have dominated the latest installment of 007 franchise "Casino Royale" more than the agent himself, played by Daniel Craig. Thanks to the hit flick, the beauty triumphantly can claim the runner-up position on the list, a notch above R&B crooner Omarion who will have his second album "21" out later this month.

Right behind the former B2K member is another popular R&B singer Chris Brown, riding high on three Billboard Music Awards nods he has received, including the coveted Artist of the Year title. On the fifth slot comes "High School Musical" star Zac Efron followed by Jenna Jameson and Vanessa Hudgens on the sixth and seventh, respectively.

AceShowbiz's artist of the week 47/2006, +44, pops up out of nowhere to seat firmly on the eighth spot with Channing Tatum taking the next position before Daniel Craig emerges to round out the big ten of the chart as the fourth highest-ranked newcomer.

Accompanied Cohen, Green, +44, and Craig, there are other twenty-four new names also slipping into the list; three of them namely Brittany Murphy, Katie Price, and Kelly Brook manage to take places on the top fifty while the rest like Mischa Barton, Jesse Metcalfe, and Christian Bale gather around the bottom.

As for the top movers/shakers for this edition, the likes of Carrie Underwood, Dermot Mulroney, and Britney Spears delightfully earn great leap from their previous position, the latter being the best as she hopped 55 levels to number 21. On the other hand, names such as Eva Longoria, Hilary Duff, and Paul Walker gravely have to experience bitter fall with Nicole Richie being the worst for she heavily drops 58 steps to the 77th rank.

The list of Top 25 Celebrity Buzz in November 2006.
  1. Sacha Baron Cohen
  2. Eva Green
  3. Omarion
  4. Chris Brown
  5. Zac Efron
  6. Jenna Jameson
  7. Vanessa Hudgens
  8. +44
  9. Channing Tatum
  10. Daniel Craig
  11. Il Divo
  12. Shakira
  13. Clay Aiken
  14. Rihanna
  15. T.I.
  16. Pamela Anderson
  17. Leonardo DiCaprio
  18. Paris Hilton
  19. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  20. Vida Guerra
  21. Britney Spears
  22. Johnny Depp
  23. Jesse McCartney
  24. Carrie Underwood
  25. Bow Wow

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