Gregory Hoblit to Get "Untraceable"

Untraceable picture

"Primal Fear" helmer Gregory Hoblit is in negotiations to direct "Untraceable" for Columbia Pictures.
Apparently generating thrills is still being Gregory Hoblit's priority in making film feature. The Texas-born filmmaker is reportedly involved in talks to helm techno-thriller flick "Untraceable" which is currently in development under Columbia Pictures banner.

Revolving around an FBI investigator tracking down a serial killer who posts pictures of his graphic murders on his own website, pic was originally based on spec script "Streaming Evil" penned Robert Fyvolent and Mark R. Binker, but the writing work later was handed to Allison Burnett to rewrite under current title.

Also a TV and film producer, Hoblit is known to have orientation towards police or attorney in his works, notably that of "Primal Fear." His latest directorial effort, "Fracture", featuring stellar cast like Anthony Hopkins and David Strathairn is slated to open in theaters next April.

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