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  • The Woman in the Window
    • Genre : Drama,Thriller,Mystery
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : R
    • Duration : 101 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : Netflix
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      Not quite bad, but it's not recommended either.

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Movie Reviews

  • with its superior cast, its intelligent art direction and a filmmaker capable of exceptional work, "Woman in the Window" is like a race car revving in a driveway, with nowhere to go
    1.5 of 4 by Mick LaSalle [San Francisco Chronicle ]
  • pretty cinematography and a committed performance from Amy Adams fail to save "The Woman in the Window", a film that aims for Hitchcockian thrills and lands in afternoon TV territory
    2 of 5 by Jordan King [Empire Magazine ]
  • mysteries of course need to be solved, and the reveal of the who in this whodunnit is a bit like a bad bite at the end of a satisfying meal. Still, there's plenty here to chew on, and the cast makes this a "Window" worth peering into
    Review rate : B- by Adam Graham [Detroit News ]
  • Joe Wright's strange, mercurial thriller
    Review rate : B- by Leah Greenblatt [Entertainment Weekly ]
  • Joe Wright's Netflix movie starring Amy Adams loses everything that made it interesting
    Review rate : D+ by Kate Erbland [IndieWire ]
  • it's a total flop, a movie that offers nothing in the way of compelling drama or interesting characters; This is a terrible movie made by a lot of very talented people
    1 of 4 by Robert Levin [Newsday ]
  • curiosity might bring you here but boredom will drive you away
    2 of 5 by Benjamin Lee [The Guardian ]
  • an unshaken cocktail of other much better movies, this dramatically turgid, prestige-tinged murder thriller isn't terribly good, sadly
    1.5 of 4 by Oliver Jones [Observer ]
  • Amy Adams fails to awaken this sleepy, predictable mystery thriller; between a laughable Halloween segment and ineffective jump scares, the script doesn't offer much in the name of basic genre pleasures
    Review rate : C- by Tomris Laffly [The Playlist ]
  • a good-looking, mildly convoluted B movie; Effectively moody but offering frustratingly skin-deep chills, "The Woman in the Window" underestimates its hero in more ways than one
    by Sheri Linden [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • a clunky, messy psychological thriller; The production design and the cast is stupendous, but the film devolves into a steady mess in its second half and it's never able to recover from it
    1.5 of 5 by Mae Abdulbaki [ScreenRant ]
  • "The Woman in the Window" is the kind of film that could go places, but sadly never manages to get out the door; even with all this promise, "The Woman in the Window" falls apart, devolving into tawdry body horror and tiresome, talky exposition
    1.5 of 4 by Ann Hornaday [Washington Post ]

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