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  • House of Gucci
    • Genre : Drama,Biography,History
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  • with this juicy, delicious drama, Ridley Scott proves it's always in fashion to expose the ugliness in beautiful things; Lady GaGa demonstrates again that's she's a mesmerizing acting phenom
    4 of 5 by Tara McNamara [Common Sense Media ]
  • this true-crime saga of the Gucci family losing control of their own fashion empire could have been a full-blown camp classic were it not so frequently dull and tentative
    by Alonso Duralde [The Wrap ]
  • Ridley Scott's film is a trashtacular watch that I wouldn't have missed for the world. But it fails to settle on a consistent tone -- overlong and undisciplined as it careens between high drama and opera buffa
    by David Rooney [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • Ridley Scott and an all-star ensemble stumble badly in an atrocious adaptation of a sensational fashion industry scandal; The script has a textbook feel with no surprises whatsoever; "House of Gucci" is an awful caricature of Italians
    1.5 of 5 by Julian Roman [MovieWeb ]
  • locked in a heated conversation with its own campiness from the moment it starts, "House of Gucci" leverages that underlying conflict into an operatic portrait of the tension between wealth and value
    Review rate : B+ by David Ehrlich [IndieWire ]
  • Lady GaGa steals the show in underwhelming melodrama; "House of Gucci" boasts strong performances and is hammy enough to be occasionally enjoyable, but falls flat in the overall effectiveness of its story
    2.5 of 5 by Mae Abdulbaki [ScreenRant ]
  • it's hard to take "House of Gucci" seriously, because it never seems to take itself seriously. Yet with such glee being had by those involved, it's an infectious, bizarro bit of fun
    3 of 5 by Alex Godfrey [Empire Magazine ]
  • in "House of Gucci", Ridley Scott sees the material as a cautionary, globe-trotting tale of greed, no less, no more. The movie does the job without diving too far beneath any of its lovely surfaces
    2.5 of 4 by Michael Phillips [Chicago Tribune ]
  • Adam Driver and Lady Gaga have legit chemistry together; But, "House of Gucci" feels coldly calculating when it should have been flush and warm with scandalous sensationalism
    2.5 of 4 by Richard Roeper [Chicago Sun-Times ]
  • "House of Gucci" is enjoyable; In the end, this is Lady GaGa's film: her watchability suffuses the picture, an arrabbiata sauce of wit, scorn and style
    4 of 5 by Peter Bradshaw [The Guardian ]

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