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Famous As
Alternative rock band
Birth Date
Sep 26, 1996
Birth Place
San Diego, California, USA
Switchfoot Trivia
  1. Song "On Fire" could be heard in one of the scenes in "The Ultimate Gift"(2007).

  2. Covered Bad Religion's "Sorrow" during a radio show of Live 105 in San Jose by late 2006.

  3. Was featured on the cover of CCM Magazine of June 2006 edition.

  4. The title of their single "Happy Is a Yuppie Word" was derived from Bob Dylan's remark when being interviewed about his 50th birthday by Rolling Stone in 1991.

  5. Track "The Blues" tells about how the end of the world might actually be a beautiful day.

  6. E-mailed a newsletter containing a free download of their single "Daylight to Break" prior to the release of album "Oh! Gravity."

  7. Album "Nothing Is Sound" sparked some controversy as it got released due to the inclusion of XCP copy protection on the disc, leading the record being recalled to remove the protection.

  8. Their composition of "Goodnight Punk" initially was intended to be featured in "The Beautiful Letdown", but later was removed from the final selection

  9. "Nothing Is Sound" was launched with extra material at different stores, for example albums purchased at Target stores featured an extra track titled "Goodnight Punk" while that at Wal-Mart contained a song called "Old Borego."

  10. Had a documentary feature which followed the personnel's life on tour and at home entitled "Everything to Lose" made by a film student at USC named E. E. Kennedy.

  11. Was inspired to compose "The Shadow Proves the Sunshine" after undergoing a trip to several villages in South Africa.

  12. Took the name "Chin" as the partial title of their debut album from their good friend Willis Chin.

  13. Runs a benefit event held annually named the Switchfoot Bro-Am Surf Contest to raise fund for Care House and Casa de Amparo, organizations serving homeless kids in the band's hometown San Diego.

  14. Their track "This Is Your Life" was featured in The WB's popular series "Smallville."

  15. Has been involved in a number of humanitarian causes, such as DATA, the ONE Campaign, the Keep A Breast Foundation, Invisible Children and To Write Love On Her Arms.

  16. Typically charge venues $35,000 to $40,000 USD per show which is lower than other bands of the same popularity to prompt cheaper ticket selling so that the concert is affordable for fans.

  17. Has appeared in endorsements for Atticus and Macbeth Footwear.

  18. Their name in surfing term means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction.